Adidas Combat Sports

Direct Trading is the sole and exclusive distributor of Adidas Combat Sports in our region. For over 80 years, Adidas has been paramount in the world of sports, using innovation and technology to develop footwear, apparel and equipment that enable you to achieve your maximum potential. This is why Adidas attentively listens to those who practice boxing, judo, jiu-jitsu, karate and taekwondo, and works closely with top athletes to design, create and manufacture new ranges of equipment. Adidas Combat Sports’ mission is to produce the world’s best combat sports products, and to promote, respect and honor all martial arts, while inspiring and supporting

Adidas Performance

Our partnership with Adidas Performance allows us to equip our B2B customers, which includes schools, clubs, corporations and government bodies, with a complete range of adidas sportswear and equipment for all sports categories. Adidas is the only brand to oer a full range of products within each sports category from apparel and footwear to equipment and accessories. Direct Trading is the sole and exclusive distributor of Adidas Performance in our region. One of the main focuses of Adidas has always been football kit and the associated equipment. Adidas remains a major company in the supply of team kits for international association football teams and clubs, including Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Valencia, Benfica, Lyon, Chelsea and A.C. Milan, with Manchester United and Juventus.


Direct Trading is the sole and exclusive distributor of And1 in our region. Known as the pioneer in the basketball industry, And1 has always been rooted in the basketball and streetball communities. And1 is currently represented in the NBA by players such as Lance Stephenson, Jamaal Franklin, Isaiah Cannan and Mitch McGary, and is highly popular on and off the court. The range also includes technical and lifestyle for men's, womens and children. AND1 offers a complete range of apparel and accessories which includes hooded fleeces, sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, professional basketball wear, basketballs, bags, watches and socks.


Jamis was founded in the 3070’s when bike technology was still in its infancy. Today’s Jamis line-up includes a mindblowing amount of hard science andserious engineering. The wide variety of bikes includes lightweight road racers, touring bikes, hardtail and full suspension trails and cross country racers, as well as kids bikes. Jamis loves the “science of bicycles”and has devised its very own carbon fiber technologies. Jamis is all about making bicycles more accessible, more capable and more affordable.

Pacific Cycles

Pacific Cycles’ mission is to create products that make the cycling experience “more” - More efficient, more valuable, more unique, more exciting and more fun. Pacific Cycles’ bouquet of bike brands, which are renowned for their innovation and folding capabilities, includes Birdie, IF, Reach and Carryme. Pacific Cycles is one of the most innovative folding bicycle manufacturers out there. With a small staff, made up mostly of designers, Pacific Cycles produces bicycles that are both easy to fold and beautiful to behold. Their folding bikes feature unique and innovative design work centered around compact folded size and great ride quality.


Deuce Brand is a young innovative business focusing on unique silicone Sports Watches of exceptional quality & great comfort. Their San Diego-based company is developed by a great team of world-class athletes that not only designed the first watch to ever be worn in the NBA, NFL & MLS but also formed the youngest company to ever receive NBA licenses. Deuce Brand also offers a new line of Smart Watches that lets you track your daily activities with fitness metrics including: calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled and hours slept. Deuce Sports watches are made from medical silicon which makes it safe on the skin, lightweight, colourful, comfortable and even customizable.


Softwalk believes that you deserve comfort that doesn’t sacrifice style; so it created shoes that do just that. Softwalk shoes are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association and and each shoe is biomechanically tested for comfort and is certified by the IBTec. Each shoe they craft combines all kinds of thoughtful innovations that cater to both your feet and your fashion sense. Creative details, premium materials and tons of comfort offered in multiple widths for a personal fit, make Softwalk the ultimate choice for being on your feet all day.


Direct Trading is the sole and exclusive distributor of Veilkini products in Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Veilkini gives a modest woman an opportunity to feel confident and comfortable in and out of the water. Veilkini offers a large variety of swimsuits, professionally designed with an attached head piece or a hair veil to fulfill the ultimate needs of a veiled woman. Innovative designs using specialized materials and fabrics, help your performance in various water sports while still remaining modest, comfortable and of course, stylish. Velkini’s highlights are: · Four Way Stretch · Bounded 2 Piece suits to ensure a “worry free” swim · Hybrid fabric of spandex and polyester · Maximum Breathability · Quick Drying · Salt & Chlorine Resistant · Low Water Absorbency · UV Protection


Hoyt is a leading American manufacturer of archery products including hunting and target compounds, recurves, and a fullline of archery accessories. Hoyt has been known for its unrivalled passion for world of Archery. Hoyt brings over 80 years of professional experience and unparalleled technologies in bow design and manufacturing, which enables Hoyt to bring quality and innovation and sets it in the lead year after year. The people behind the scenes at Hoyt are hardcore bowhunters and target archers enthusiasts who demand the best from their equipment.